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Hi we are Green Genetics we start our company in "2013" we was so simpel at the first "3 years" of our work, and then we thought about why not make this company the start point for anyone who love plants, we was searching so hard at first where we start, and thats why! we don't want all people who love this carrer get tierd as we did, so we help who love greens to not fall in so many situations,
welcome in Genetics

Our Mission

Empowering Through Education

We believe in the transformative power of gardening. That's why we go beyond offering products; we provide comprehensive courses to equip you with the knowledge and skills to nurture your green spaces. Our expert-led courses cover everything from plant care basics to advanced gardening techniques.

Growing Careers

GreenGenatics is not just a company; it's a community. We are dedicated to helping young individuals kickstart rewarding careers in the world of horticulture. Through our programs, we aim to create opportunities for aspiring gardeners, fostering a new generation of green thumbs..

Crafting Personal Oases

Your dream garden is our mission. Our experienced team of garden designers can turn your vision into reality. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious backyard, we specialize in creating customized gardens that reflect your style, preferences, and the local environment.

Meet Our Team



With a profound background in the art and science of gardening, Arthur Morgan stands as a visionary leader who has spent decades cultivating some of the largest and most breathtaking gardens in the world. His extensive expertise and unwavering dedication to the craft led him to establish GreenGenatics with the visionary goal of making gardening accessible to everyone.

Under Arthur's leadership, GreenGenatics has flourished into an industry leader, known for innovative horticultural practices, sustainable gardening solutions, and the creation of botanical wonders that captivate the world. Arthur's commitment to GardeningForEveryOne is evident in the diverse range of projects undertaken by GreenGenatics, each reflecting his passion for harmonizing nature and human spaces.

Our Instructors: Meet the talented individuals who make our courses engaging and educational. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to guide you on your gardening journey.

Join us at GreenGenatics as we cultivate a greener, more connected world—one garden at a time.

Our Instructors







We can help you build your dream garden by send to you our builders with all tools that you want, if. you have your own style but. if you don't we can show you exampels from small gardens to the biggest, and even we can lending you from biggest Banks so don't worry much with us we love you


We can give you courses to take care of your own plants, any "types of" plants like Fruits, Vegetables, Nut Trees, Microgreens, and more..., and even we can tell what is good tools to use with each type of plants we can make you professional we can even teach you how to give advices for others and how to lead your team more and more...
so what you waiting for come to us!


If you love plants as we do and you feel this is your future you'r in the right place, come here and get your green job don't worry much if you don't know much we'r here beside you we love helping youths, and we feel how its hard to get experience to land your first green job, so we don't care if you have or not we will teach you and give you monye on it, of your first "3 months" come and join our team and start your carrer!

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